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Manual backup of database

Posted by unepetitemonde pe Aprilie 29, 2008

Manual backup of database
If you want to make a copy of a database you need to use the mysqldump command:
mysqldump -u USER -p –opt database > backup.sql
or, if the user is password protected, use that command:
mysqldump -u USER -pPassword –opt database > backup.sql
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  1. Martin said

    I can suggest you to have a look at more professional sql backup methods and tools. For example, we use LiteSpeed that can really speed up backup and restore process and give some extra abilities like high compression, different ways of encryption, cretaing self extracting database backups, individual objects and empty schemas restoring, support of managing native backups and many more.
    The tool supports all popular sql server editions like SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 7, MSDE / SQL Express, SQL Server 2008 CTP 4

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